Coronavirus Precautions to be taken: Must

Updated on: April 24, 2020

See whether you are following the below Precautionary Measures when you are at home to stay away from Covid-19

Wash your hands frequently

Frequently washing hands with soap, water or with alcohol based hand sanitizer will kill the Germs which may be on your hands, Many researches have said that washing hands for 20 seconds will kill Coronavirus Germs from your hand and it is proven, so whenever you are touching any Coronavirus unsafe object such as Plastic, iron or stainless steel utensils, after that don't forget to wash your hands with Sanitizer, soap, water for 20 seconds at least. 

Follow proper Social Distancing

In an emergency situation people have to go out of home in a pubic places to buy Groceries, Medicines. There may be lot of people standing outside the Grocery shop and Medical shop, so keep the safe social distance of 1.5 metre. Government has given guidelines of safe Social Distancing to stop spreading Coronavirus, so follow the safe distancing guidelines.

Wear Masks

Whenever you are going out for any emergency reason, make sure that you are wearing mask which is only getting used by you and not by any other person. Wash the mask nicely once it is used by you. You can cover your mouth with a clean handkerchief as well. Wearing masks may protect you from getting affected.

Drink hot water, tea or coffee

Doctor's are giving guidelines to consume hot water, tea or coffee frequently. This is the another measure which can protect us from getting affected. So make sure that you are consuming such hot beverages in the short interval of time. 

Take special care of children and senior citizen's of your family

Immunity of the senior citizen's and kids is not as strong as youngster's. It is our responsibility to take special care of them as they have more chances of getting affected by coronavirus compared to the youngster's.

Consult your physician 

If you have symptoms such as cough, fever, cold, difficult to breath then you must consult your physician. Make sure that you are wearing mask while going to the public places or hospitals and keep yourself isolated from others.