How to Get Good Marks in 10th Standard

Updated on: April 24, 2020

Proper Time Management
Time plays a very crucial role in students academic success. If you really wish to score well in your board exams then you must follow the proper timetable. You should plan your studies well and properly. Formulating a proper timetable is very important for all the board students. You should plan when and which subject you are going to study. This will help you to score good marks.

Special attention towards scoring subjects

You must pay special attention towards the scoring subjects such as Mathematics and Science. These are the most important subjects which can help you to score good marks in your board exams. You should keep revising the formulas and concepts of mathematics on daily basis. This will surely help you in scoring well.

Proper use of holidays

Students mostly don't get enough time for self study during working days as they have to go to school and their coaching classes. Utilizing your weekends and holidays in a right way will definitely lead you to score good marks in your board examination. 

Revision of the important concepts

You should revise all the chapters taught by your teacher in your school or coaching classes on the same day. This will help you to learn important concepts easily and in less time. You should highlight the important concepts in your textbook and should keep revising them regularly. You should revise all the formulas of Mathematics, reactions or diagrams or definitions of Science, rules of Grammar of the languages on the daily basis. This will really help you to recall the important concept during your examination.

More attention towards the chapters having high Weightage

You should pay more attention towards the chapters with high Weightage. This will help you to cover maximum marks in your examination. For example, Statistics in Algebra is very important chapter in the syllabus. This chapter holds the Weightage of more than 12 marks in board exams. Hence, you should pay special attention towards those important topics which has high Weightage.

Paper Solving

You should start solving past year papers once you are completed with your whole syllabus. You will be able to identify your strengths and weakness by solving papers. Your school or coaching classes will provide you many question papers to solve, you must solve all those papers in order to score good marks. You will get many question papers to solve on internet as well.

Work on your weakness
You will be able to identify your weakness after solving various question papers. Now you should work on those weakness and should try to overcome them. This can help to get more marks in board exams.

Paper presentation
Paper presentation plays a very important role in scoring good marks. Your neat and clean paper presentation can impress the paper corrector. Your handwriting in paper should be beautiful. Neat and clean paper presentation can increase your 1-2 marks in paper.