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How to Use Home Loan EMI Calculator Tool

It's very easy to calculate your total Home Loan EMI by simply filling above three values. You just have to pass Loan Amount, Interest Rate & Loan Term which will be either in Months or Years, You can select any one of the option for Loan Term. Click on Calculate button to get your Loan Amount & also it will give you how much Interest & how much Principal amount you will be paying after paying EMIs for number of years or months entered in the Loan Term.

This is smart tool for calculating entire amount including Interest & Principal amount that borrower will be paying to lender in his entire loan tenure.

Who can use EMI calculator tool (it's now just for Home loan EMIs)

  • Borrower looking for Personal Loan
  • Borrower looking for Home Loan
  • Borrower looking for Car Loan
  • Borrower looking for Business Loan